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The Embassy and the Consulates of France in China are pleased to announce the opening of satellite visa application centres, in addition to the existing visa application centres in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan and Shenyang. For more information on the application procedure in satellite centres, we invite you to visit the dedicated websites:

Jinan – On March 3rd 2016: https://fr.tlscontact.com/cn/TNA
Chongqing – On March 3rd 2016: https://fr.tlscontact.com/cn/CKG
Shenzhen – On April 11th 2016: https://fr.tlscontact.com/cn/SXZ
Changsha – On April 14th 2016: https://fr.tlscontact.com/cn/CSX
Hangzhou – On April 15th 2016: https://fr.tlscontact.com/cn/HGH
Kunming – On May 16th 2016: https://fr.tlscontact.com/cn/KMG
Xi’an – On May 19th 2016: https://fr.tlscontact.com/cn/XIY

Euro 2016: Eased visa application procedure for Chinese nationals who purchase tickets through the official distributor Shankai Sports. For more information, please click here.


  • Application at the TLScontact Visa Application Center

  • ADS Visa Application Process via accredited travel agencies (only for tourist purpose)

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