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Important. Schengen visas: introduction of biometric data capture from October 12th 2015. Click here for more details.

Recently, unauthorized websites have surfaced in China deceiving Chinese visa applicants. Some websites use the pinyin or part of TLScontact initials as website links without our authorization. The public is advised to seek visa information through official channels only, in order to avoid being misled. The appointment booking on the official website of French Visa Application Centers is FREE-OF-CHARGE. Click here for more details.

To ensure your legitimate rights and interests, we would like to advise you to buy services and insurance via reliable companies. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our call center at 400-625-0000 or contact our Service Center.


Step 1 ~ Register on: https://cn.tlscontact.com/cnBJS2fr

You just need an email address and a few seconds to create a TLScontact account.

Step 2 ~ Prepare all required documents according to the list

After registration, you will be asked to answer some questions and then you will receive a customized list of required documents according to your own situation.

Step 3 ~ Make an appointment online and print your notification

Select a convenient time for you to come to the TLScontact center to submit your documents. Do not forget to print out your notification as it contains all necessary information about your application.

Be aware that if you do not come to your appointment, all your personal information will be deleted on the same day. To make a new appointment, you will have to re-register.

Step 4 ~ Come to the TLScontact center

Please come to the TLScontact center with your appointment notification, your visa application supportive materials and your passport.

Your materials can be submitted by a representative.

In this case, the representative has to provide:

We kindly remind you that we may not be able to accept applications from persons who are late for their appointment.

Step 5 ~ Submit your application

One of our experienced agents will check your application materials for completeness. After your approval, your application will be sent to the Embassy of France in Beijing.

Please note:

If your application materials are incomplete, you can still submit your file however, you will not be given the opportunity supplement any documents other than your photo and copies of originals in your possession (with a higher risk of rejection).

If you do not want to submit your incomplete application, you have the opportunity within 3 days to login and make a new appointment for a later date through your current TLScontact account to re submit.

Step 6 ~ Pay the visa fee and service fee

Pay the visa and service fees in our visa application center by cash, debit card or credit card (Union pay only).

Step 7 ~ Track your application

You can track your application at any time by visiting your personal account online at TLScontact.

Step 8 ~ Pick up your passport

When your passport is ready to be collected, you will receive an SMS, informing you to come to the TLScontact center with your visa application checklist and the original and a copy of your identity card.

If you would like a representative to pick up your passport on your behalf, please make sure that they bring the following documents.

  • A copy of your ID card
  • Your checklist
  • A letter of authorization from you
  • The original and a copy of your respresentative’s ID card
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